Dawn Dark Mountain

image of Dawn Dark Mountain

I like to explore stories and traditions from my own Woodland culture. I often translate traditional Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) beadwork designs into patterns and borders in my paintings. I also try to use the traditional meanings of different designs in creating each piece. The paintings themselves thus become visual stories, enhanced by the written narrative that I create for each one.

I also create works as relief prints using wood or linoleum blocks, printing with oil-based inks and adding watercolor to enhance the images.
My work has a strong connection to my cultural background. This is evident not only in the obvious storytelling quality of many of my pieces but also in a reverence for the earth and all life. As a member of the Turtle Clan, the turtle figures in all of my paintings, either prominently or, in some cases, hidden, but always present.

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Beneath the Evergrowing Tree
Beneath the Evergrowing Tree

Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back
Thirteen Moons

Children of Earth and Sky