Iroquois Pottery & Native American Classical Contemporary Music

Artist: Jennifer Stevens
Cell: (920) 664-6451

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Jennifer Stevens enjoys creating Oneida pottery, composing music, and classical singing. Through pottery and music, she is able to integrate the Oneida culture in her creative and unique workshops. These culturally relevant and educational programs are designed to meet the needs of each school and organization.

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Oneida Legends & Storytelling Through Pottery
Jennifer Stevens shares ancient Oneida legends and storytelling through her pottery. She leads interactive discussions about the Oneida Nations of Wisconsin, their culture, and Oneida pottery. Students will learn how to use Oneida hand-building pottery methods to design, draw, stamp, and sculpt. Each student will create a pot, express their uniqueness, and tell their own story through their pottery.

Storytelling Through Pinch Pots (Grades K-3, 45 minutes)
Beginner Level: An introduction to Oneida pottery by creating and designing a pinch pot using basic methods of shaping and stamping.

Storytelling Through Coiled Pots (Grades 4-8, 45-120 minutes)
Intermediate Level: Students create a pinch pot and learn how to use the coil method. Designing methods include shaping, stamping, and drawing.

Storytelling Through Oneida Pottery (Grades 9-12, 120-200 minutes)
Advanced Level: Students create a pinch pot using the coil method. Designing methods include shaping, stamping, drawing, sculpting, and adding a collar.

New Songs for Future Generations-Workshop Series
(Grades K-12)

Jennifer Stevens shares how her background as a classical singer, composer, and member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin has shaped her life. She will sing examples of opera, art songs, and her original classical contemporary music in the Oneida language. Workshops can conclude with audience participation in the following three areas:

New Improvisation Presentation: Students will participate in Jennifer Stevens’ songs by giving words and/or phrases, and she will create a live opera vocal improvisation for the class.

Creating New Music Together Workshop & Performance: Jennifer Stevens will guide students in songwriting and they will collectively create a new song. She and the class will perform it together.

Original Songs by Jennifer Stevens Workshop & Performance: Jennifer Stevens will teach the lyrics of one of her original songs in English and Oneida language. She and the class will perform it together.

SEEDS Artist Rates
4-Day Residency (4-full days, 5 hours min. each day) $1,500.00
Full Day Workshops Rate (5 hours min.) $400.00
Assembly/Large Group Performance (45-90 min., 150+ students) $500.00
2nd Assembly/Large Group Performance (back-to-back, 45-90 min., 150+ students) $150.00

Can apply for performance(s) or residency, but not both.

Cost to School/Non-profit Organization

  1. Any negotiated amount exceeding SEEDS grant eligible rate.
  2. Lodging
  3. Mileage
  4. Supplies

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