Music from Our Culture (MOC)

Music from Our Culture (MOC) is an emerging professional children’s music group. Oneida community children learn about their ancient tribal music and Indian hymnal music heard in the Oneida culture in the MOC music group. The goal of MOC is to develop the Oneida Youth Singers to become a professional childrens choir. The MOC program is for youth ages 7 to 15, that consists of Oneida Earth Songs, Oneida hymns, and some contemporary music. This gives youth a small glimpse of the different cultural aspects that are present in the Oneida Nation community. In this video, Beth Bashara talks about how the MOC program started. calendar

The Summer MOC Camp is held annually during the months of July and August. Each summer a concert performances is developed and presented for families and community members to enjoy.

For Summer Camp registration, call the Registraton Desk at (920) 496-5260 or email
the MOC/KLU office at

Kanithotiysa Latiwyahtas Ukwaehuwehnha or KLU (Translation: young people learning our ways)

The KLU Program is a new component of the MOC program. This program provides private and small group lessons about Iroquois social dances and some Oneida language skills. KLU students will learn more Oneida language and traditional music. KLU is for children 12 years and older.

Contact Info:
To contact a representative of MOC or KLU please e-mail or call our office:
Phone Beth (920) 490-3833, or MOC/KLU (920) 490-3839
You may also email Beth Director of the Oneida Nation Arts Program

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See a news video about the MOC program here on WLUK-TV.


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